Investor Impact

Effective ESG reporting

Based upon solid materiality matrix research, we help address the increasing hunger for ESG information. Through our >10 years experience with Dow Jones Sustainability Index and CDP, we assist in improving the results and provide a basis to further strengthen sustainability performance.
Business Transformation

Creating new business models

We help make the business case for sustainability. Open innovation, business design thinking and circular economy are key elements in our approach. In close collaboration with our clients, we drive the embedding of new business models into existing organizations.
Purpose & Engagement based on SDGs

Involving stakeholders

By identifying the most relevant stakeholders, their interests and perceptions we (re)define purpose and develop stakeholder engagement programs that work- for instance to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Combining trend research, big data and fresh stakeholder views we help to leverage sustainability performance.

How Unilever, DSM & Others Turn Societal Topics into Business Opportunities

At the World Economic Forum 2016 the launch of the full scale attack on global food waste “Champions 12.3” was announced. Its aim is to halve global food waste and reduce food losses per capita by 2030. The involvement of CEOs of major companies DSM, Nestlé, Rabobank, Tesco and Unilever demonstrate how a materiality matrix and data can be used beyond reporting purposes. Of course, reporting and rankings such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) are important to demonstrate your sustainability performance towards stakeholders. But in the end it is not the holy grail, as frontrunners show how they are capturing value from sustainability today.
Turn your materiality matrix into a kaleidoscope

Mobilizing Your Board on Materiality Today

kaleidoscope-cropped.jpg Many corporate practitioners are rethinking how to do an even better job of making sustainability an indispensable topic on the board agenda. One sure-fire and appropriate way of doing this, is turning your materiality matrix into a colorful kaleidoscope. The just-released DJSI 2016 questionnaire clearly underpins the importance of Materiality as it is now featuring as an independent criterion.
Conduct a readiness assessment of organisations and country impact

Mapping the SDGs to Your Business Priorities

SDGs newsletter.png In September 2015, the UN launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since then organisations around the globe are starting to adjust their societal strategies towards this new sustainable development agenda. But how big is the existing gap to your business and how to overcome this with a minimum time-to-value?
Catching the Right Opportunities and Making Them Work

Jumpstarting Your Circular Economy Program

battery charger.jpg Changing from decades of linear thinking into circular is hard; where to begin and how to follow through. Fortunately some bright ideas to close loops just emerge from existing know-how. What to think of a beer brewer that adds yeast to his wastewater to ensure a better fermentation thereby producing more biogas and cleaner residual water. Or a wine maker that is looking for ways to make good use of his vine cuttings by experimenting with solutions such as “biochar”; producing charcoal in the orchard and adding it to the soil to make it more productive.
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